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When considering the combinations of materials, finishes and production methods, our lobby display production style list is endless. Here are a few of the most popular fabrication methods.

CNC Routed With Backboard >

Description - All graphical elements are computer routed in multiple materials and thickness, then computer assembled and mounted to a backboard to achieve a truly unique 3D lobby display. Our machinery is accurate up to 1/20,000th of an inch, making the end result perfection. We include a Trademarked system for mounting these displays, which will take less than half an hour. Ask your sales representative for more details.

cnc routed lobby display with backboard

Business reception area display in brushed aluminum and gold.

CNC Routed No Backboard >

Description - All sign graphic elements are computer routed in your choice of materials, thickness, sizes and finishes. The project will be shipped as individual pieces, packaged in sequential order for easy installation. We include a Trademarked system as a complete 'kit' for an easy, smooth, and fast install that some customers have even said to be "fun." Ask your sales representative for more details.

company logo cnc routed mirror gold stud mounted reception area wall

Corporate identity reception area display in mirror gold.

Hand-Carved Lobby Displays >

Description - Our Team boasts the finest master hand-carving artisans and finishers in the sign industry. We can easily hand craft a "one-off" lobby display, 3D model any form for bulk runs that guarantee consistency, and even combine this or any style with others we offer to achieve the exact look you desire. We also develop molds and forms for mass-production in all fabrication fields.

hand-carved restaurant entrance sign in HDU Sign Foam

Hand-carved restaurant display in HDU Sign Foam.

Be sure to check out the Specialty Projects section of our online portfolio at SignPortfolio.com for hundreds of custom sign project pictures we have completed around the Globe.

We encourage you to challenge our team!

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CNC v-groove routed signs in Sign Foam and other materials.

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Complete monument sign structures shipped direct to your site.

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